New Poly Fiberglass Axe Handles

We expanded our line of replacement handles this year with a new design for axes. 

First, we enlarged the deer hoof to help prevent the tool from sliding out of your hands when swinging. We also made a flat spot on the deer hoof so when tapping Irons on the ground you won’t cause damage, cracking, or mushrooming to the end of the handle.

Second, we added angles to one side of the shaft. The angles allow the handle to bite in the creases of your grip, helping prevent the tool from rotating or shifting side-to-side while in use – especially with wet fire-gloved hands. The other side of the shaft was left smooth so your top hand can still slide up and down while swinging the tool.

Lastly our handle can be used on any tear drop style mounting hole and comes in two colors, yellow and BLACK.