This elite forcible entry striking tool is taking the standard force axe up a level. Paired with our Halligan Bar, firefighters will have an upper edge when forcing entry. Our Ultra-Force axe only comes in one weight, 8 lb. to provide the desired weight and force to get the job done.

This tool was made with the understanding that not every department has large staffing. How can we help make forced entry less of a struggle for the single person or a two person team? Offer a tool with a mechanical advantage and leverage, and the Ultra-Force Axe has it!

Check out the added extra features to this axe that maximize functionality.

Ultra Force Axe

    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • The metal is heat treated to assure strength and durability
    • The striking side of the tool is oversized, providing protection to your hands
    • The bottom of the axe beard (cutting side) is longer like a lumberjack's axe for more contact area while using to chop or cut
    • The cutting side is sharp and thin so you can use the blade to wedge tight spaces during forcible entry operations
    • The Leatherhead Lock feature allows for two functions
      • A Halligan Bar can be married to the handle side groove for firefighters to securely carry a Set of Irons one handed
      • The top side of the Leatherhead Lock allows firefighters to marry to the forks of a Halligan Bar to add extra leverage or mechanical advantage when needed


    Item Description
    UFAY-8 8 lb. Ultra-Force Axe w/ 36 in. Yellow Handle
    UFAL-8 8 lb. Ultra-Force Axe w/ 36 in. Lime Handle
    UFAO-8 8 lb. Ultra-Force Axe w/ 36 in. Orange Handle
    UFAB-8 8 lb. Ultra-Force Axe w/ 36 in. Black Handle

    What They Say About Our Tools

    Tried Leatherheads new axe that one of the instructors brought with them and it was a game changer.
    We loaded the door prop up with tons of resistance and using that groove on the axe for extra leverage made it seem like minimal effort was needed.
    Thanks for reducing the stress on the back.

    Steve G | Virginia, USA

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