Law Enforcement and SWAT Team Breacher Tools

These elite personnel deserve the very best tools possible to match the critical nature and demands of their jobs.

We know every tool we manufacture is connected to a brave public servant who is connected to lives saved. Our team is on YOUR team, that’s why we go the extra distance – to provide the best breaching tools to help Police and SWAT teams serve and protect. When you want to provide superior tools that help save lives, you talk to and get feedback from experts whose day’s work will punish your products. That’s how we all get better!

The occasional stealth nature of law enforcement is one of the reasons Leatherhead Tools created features like electrostatic black paint and tools with preferred weight and size to our line of breaching S.E.T. Tools.


Spec ops police officer SWAT during assault operation

United States Military Breaching Tools

The United States military has all the same tool needs as firefighters, rescue personnel, law enforcement and SWAT teams; to protect and serve their own ranks. Add to that the tactical aspect of special operations due to conflict adversary conditions – this makes breaching tools essential within our boarders and beyond.

When serve, protect and defend require breaching tools, our partner DoD distributors know they can depend on our proud manufacturing tradition to deliver any request from Leatherhead Tools or S.E.T. Tools. In the hands of our military, every tool has to perform its function unfailingly.

DUTY.  Delivering Unequaled Tools to You.



Why does “drop forged” matter for tools used by fire and rescue, law enforcement, SWAT teams and the U. S. military?

How are drop forged tools made?

When you see drop forged listed on any Leatherhead Tools product it tells you a great deal about the strength and durability of the tool. There are three ways to make a steel tool; forged, casting or machining. Although all three might be made of metal, there is a huge difference in the drop forged tool. Our tools are made of high carbon U.S. mill-length steel using a unique die designed for each tool. Steel is heated, placed in a die one-half the shape of the tool, the other half of the die is placed on the contact side of the hammer which is dropped from a significant height onto the die holding the hot steel. This process forces steel throughout cavities of the die giving the tool a continuous grain flow, finer grain size, improved microstructure, and it reduces the chance of voids – resulting in greater strength.

Leatherhead Tools Around The Globe

Our tools are used around the world.  It would be easier to tell you where you won’t find them.

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