Mechanical Advantage WINS in Forced Entry

The Ultra-Force Irons Set used with the Leatherhead Lock gives a single firefighter a big advantage. We understand that not every fire department has a large staff. Always looking to improve design or think about how users of our tools need better efficiency or an advantage, we wanted to help make forced entry less of a struggle for the single person or a two person team. The Flat Head axe was scrutinized for improvement and the result was development of the Ultra-Force® Flat Head Axe to marry with our tried and true Halligan Bar. Mechanical advantage and leverage – the Ultra-Force has it.

We added extra features to the axe to maximize functionality:

  • The metal is heat treated to assure strength and durability
  • The striking side of the tool is oversized, providing protection to your hands
  • The cutting side is sharp and thin so you can use the blade to wedge tight spaces during forcible entry operations
  • The bottom of the axe beard (cutting side) is longer like a lumberjack’s axe for more contact area while using to chop or cut
  • The black handle is a beautiful thing
  • The Leatherhead Lock feature allows for two functions:
    • A Halligan Bar can be married to the handle side groove for firefighters to securely carry this Set of Irons one handed.
    • Secondly the top side of the Leatherhead Lock allows firefighters to marry to the forks of a halligan bar to add extra leverage or mechanical advantage when needed.