Leatherhead Irons – Our original set of “irons”. This set consists of a 30 in. Halligan Bar and a Flat Head axe, your choice in weight – 6 lbs. or 8 lbs. The fiberglass handle length is a standard 36 in. and comes in various colors. Lastly, we add a Hi-Viz Velcro strap to help keep the tools married when carried or not in use. Set of Irons
Ultra-Force Irons – Our elite set of irons package. This set consists of our 30-inch Halligan Bar, our patented 8 lb. Ultra-Force axe, and a Hi-Viz Velcro strap to help keep the tools together when not in use. See the individual descriptions of the tools to see why we married these two tools together, to give you one of the best forcible entry sets of tools on the market.  Ultra Force Irons
Breacher Irons – A SWAT teams go-to for forced entry beside the ram. This married set of tools is our 30 in. Halligan Bar paired up with an 8 lb. drop forged steel Sledgehammer. The Breacher Irons, also referred to as the “Heavy Irons”, gives SWAT teams and fire companies added weight to help you perform forcible entry tasks. You get a choice in length and color for the sledgehammer and we add a Hi-Viz Velcro strap to help keep the tools married when not in use. Breacher Irons

They Say

Better than Duo-safety’s hook and they had the size we needed to fit in the compartment, works great.

Rod H. New Jersey, USA

Tried Leatherheads new axe that one of the instructors brought with them and it was a game changer.

Steve G.Virginia, USA

The thin forks on the Leatherhead Halligan bar have not let us down… They easily slide in the jamb on our training prop and real doors.

Pat W.Kentucky, USA

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