Firefighters are committed to saving lives and property. 
We’re committed to providing the tools to help you do it.

That’s why we listen to, and learn from firefighters and rescue service personnel worldwide, so we can continually improve on design, and manufacture nothing but the best in aggressive axes, sledges, halligans, firehooks, pike poles, irons, forcible entry tools and more – ALL engineered to exacting standards for the most extreme fire and rescue operations. Our tools are made of and combine the time-tested tradition of American forged steel with the innovation of high-density and high visibility extruded fiberglass handles.

Leatherhead Tools is the only company in the fire and rescue industry dedicated to tools and tools alone.  Our firefighter tools are made of the highest quality, offer the best value, and are proudly made in the USA.

We know every fire and rescue tool Leatherhead Tools manufactures is connected to a brave public servant who is connected to lives saved. Our team is on YOUR team, that’s why we go the extra distance. Our tools are in the hands of firefighters, EMTs, law enforcement, SWAT teams, and our U.S. military. When you want to provide superior tools that help save lives, you talk to experts whose day’s work will punish your products. That’s how we all get better.

What’s the difference between a hooligan and a halligan? Just different names for the same tool.

What’s a halligan bar it made of? IF its a good one, it’s made of U.S. steel and zinc plated.

How much does a New York Hook weigh? Well, that depends on the length.

Should you get a firefighting tattoo? We like the idea, but encourage you to ask your spouse if you have one.

Yeah, we can answer those questions, but ask us how our firefighting and rescue tools work, then, we’ll turn to a Hero who can tell you a story about real life experience with our tools!