Mike Bernard
July 2020 Winner

Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin
Arbor Vitae Fire and Rescue Department

Before 2015-2016 our department only used and had access to pike poles for roof operations and overhaul. I took it upon myself to add a 6’ New York hook to my collection of personal tools since I’m not a fan of pike poles. I got a lot of haters initially but when we were operating at a garbage facility fire one of the officers asked to use my hook.

After the fire everyone was sold on the options that the New York hook gave them for operating. It took some time but our chief finally decided to purchase 2 Leatherhead 6’ New York hooks for every apparatus we have that goes to fires. Everyone loves using them and we now make sure they are a primary tools for personnel on scene.

We continue to upkeep them and added new grips to them so they can last for years to come.



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